How to Write the Perfect Visual Analysis Essay

What is a visual analysis essay? A visual analysis essay may seem a little complicated at first, but it’s really just a way of analyzing a visual piece (usually in art or art history) and discussing a piece’s components, including colors, forms,

Hints for Completing a Well-Thought-Out Essay about Education Problems

Writing an essay about education includes doing thorough research on your topic. This is a topic that has plenty of controversy and ongoing issues. Your paper can detail an issue or concern of personal interest, through critical thinking and

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Questions to Raise in Your Essay on Gender Roles

How do you identify questions to discuss for your gender essay paper? There are many questions to consider when it comes to the subject of gender roles. Our society is based on many perceptions about men and women that continue to bring controversy.

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Handy Advice on How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking papers involve taking time to think deeply about a topic or idea. A paper of this nature isn’t something to rush through. If you take your time and present your supporting points clearly it can be a great assignment and a

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