Questions to Raise in Your Essay on Gender Roles

How do you identify questions to discuss for your gender essay paper? There are many questions to consider when it comes to the subject of gender roles. Our society is based on many perceptions about men and women that continue to bring controversy. Your project can explore some of the most controversial concepts while sharing your personal thoughts on what you think is right or wrong. It is important to present your content with solid evidence and a thought-out detailed paper that makes a statement and not just a claim.

Possible Questions to Consider

You may have questions to consider based on personal interests. Your ideas can be anything you want to explore on gender perspective. Anything from occupational issues, relationships, parenting, physical attributes, sexual differences, and so on. Getting the right idea is significant because your project will explain in further detail why many share the same opinion. When you need inspiration consider the following list of 10 writing prompts.

  1. Which gender is more dominate in the workplace?
  2. What do women really want from men?
  3. Are females mentally stronger than males?
  4. Are women better at locating items or places?
  5. Can men tolerate less sleep better than women?
  6. Which gender is valued more in society?
  7. Which gender has more health risks?
  8. Why do women feel they are not compensated as much as men?
  9. Do women live longer than men?
  10. Do women take relationships more seriously than men?

Knowing the Answer Is Key to Writing

When developing content for your gender identity essay it is important to know details regarding answers to possible questions. The answer to your topic or thesis statement will include supporting points or evidence to back up your main idea. When you get an idea to settle on you may know what your supporting points will be before completing any research.
Since there are many questions you can ask about gender roles consider personal interests. What is something you have wanted to learn more about when you think about the battle of the sexes? Select a subject you are interested in and present your questions. How would you detail your answers and why are they important to your main idea? As you find questions to discuss consider sharing insight with your instructor for another perspective.

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