Basic Elements Of A Quality Rhetorical Visual Analysis Essay

A rhetorical visual analysis essay will involve looking at either some images or a combination of images and text, before analyzing them, and describing accurately what you interpret them to mean. In order to complete this form of academic paper, there are various basic elements you will need to include as part of your work. The following guide by assignment geeks will outline what these basic elements are.

Supporting material

As mentioned, you will need to look at pictures or images, often combined with text, which you will then analyze. Therefore, you may wish to include examples of supporting material, so that the reader is aware of exactly what it is that you are analysing.


As with most academic papers, you will need to include some sort of opening or introduction as part of your work. When it comes to this form of essay, you will generally need to give a brief description of what you will be discussing, although you will not need to go into too much detail, as the majority of your analysis should give the reader a better understanding of what it is that you are talking about. However, you may also wish to try and give them a better understanding of why you are writing the work, and what the purpose of your paper is.

Body section

The body section will contain the analysis that you need to do. It is entirely possible that you will need to analyze the material in a chronological way, and for more in depth papers, you may even include a thesis statement towards the beginning of your body section.


The final aspect of your work will be the conclusion. If you have written a variety of different academic papers before, and you feel confident on your ability to create a strong conclusion, then you should not have a problem creating a conclusion for this form of academic paper.

Ultimately, a rhetorical visual analysis paper will need to include a conclusion that refers to any of the points that you have made previously in your body section. Essentially, you will be re-stating any of the most important points, as well as discussing why they are so important.

Checking the work

One final thing to be aware of is that, once you are happy with the final draft of your work, you should check over what you have written to ensure that it is as accurate as can be.

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