Where Can I Get An Extended Definition Essay Example?

An extended definition essay is an assignment that requires students to select a complex term or concept, provide its important characteristics, and come up with an explanation through their personal experience or knowledge. Usually, this kind of academic writing has a simple five-paragraph structure, but an extended paper can be organized in a different manner. To learn more about how to compose a strong assignment, get a few well-written samples.

How to Find a Sample of an Extended Definition Essay

These suggestions are provided to help you get an example that you can follow:

  • Consult your instructor if you get stuck, need a reliable sample, or want to approve your paper outline.
  • Go to the school’s writing center and ask one of the instructors to provide you with a few sample papers written by the fellow students, a writing manual, and a list of good topics.
  • Look through your past assignments, revise the extended definition papers, if any, and use one of them as an example.
  • Search for samples on the Web, paying close attention to the websites of writing companies, blogs of professional writers, and educational resources provided by schools.
  • Visit the website of your course and search for the assignment requirements, guidelines, tips, and examples.
  • Ask your classmates for some assistance or join a forum where students help each other cope with written tasks.

What a Good Sample Should Look Like

After you have obtained an essay sample from your professor or in the writing center, you may use it right away, otherwise, you have to evaluate the document to ensure that it is well-composed and does not contain mistakes. The following criteria will help you identify an outstanding sample:

  • The introduction leads the audience into the paper by providing background information and examples.
  • Thesis statement uses classification to define the term or concept.
  • The first body paragraph outlines the first category important to define the subject.
  • There is an effective transition between the two parts of the paper.
  • The second part of the body introduces the second definition category.
  • There is a paragraph that compares or contrasts the two or more categories.
  • One of the paragraphs at the end of the paper offers a clear author’s definition.
  • The conclusion encourages the readers to think more about the analyzed term.
  • The text is mistake-free and well-formatted.
  • The borrowed ideas are cited properly, there are footnotes, and the list of references is complete.

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