Fascinating Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

There are many ways to get topics for a narrative essay paper. When coming up with an idea think about telling a story. The idea for your project allows you to tell a story about something you know from experience or your imagination. As you explore ideas for your paper, consider interests you like or things you want to learn more about. There are sites online, offering additional information on getting topics; you can always hire professional writer to get rid of these troubles.

Topic Ideas to Consider

When you can’t come up with a good idea it helps to have some ideas to get started. You can use personal interests related to things you like such as fashion, music, or movies. Consider things people may not know about you or things people might know but not the whole story. Remember your idea can be fun and unique. It can be about anything you are comfortable sharing with others as the narrator of the story. Here is a general list of writing prompts to help generate original ideas for your paper.

  1. What others don’t know about me?
  2. Where I want to live someday.
  3. An invention I would make.
  4. Something I saw others wouldn’t believe.
  5. Going back in time I would do this differently.
  6. My favorite color I would look at all the time.
  7. My least favorite meal.
  8. The weirdest thing I have ever seen.
  9. The animal I would be if I could.
  10. I wish I had this one thing.

Other Ways to Get Topic Ideas

Reading some of the best narrative essay example content you can find will give possible ideas. There are plenty of homework help sites offering samples of narrative papers you can read. You can get ideas from others by reading papers from start to finish or by simply reading titles. Using example papers can also help plan your writing. It can be used to create an outline for your topic to make it easier to structure and organize.
Discuss ideas with your colleagues and instructor. Your classmates may want to share and swap ideas to get a feel for different interests and perspectives. Be open to doing something different and unique with your idea to make the assignment more interesting. Spend time developing your idea so the paper is easier for you to write.

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