English Literature Essay Prompts To Help You Compose A Masterpiece

Essays are written for many reasons and depending on the situation, you will have follow certain guidelines. These guidelines are not too troublesome and can, in fact, be quite helpful at times, no matter whether you are holding the office of an essay writer or obtaining one of academic freelance writing jobs. You can always choose which guides you wish to follow and depending on your style, you may wish to invent your own method at times. This is always good, readers enjoy a new experience and many of them seek it out through reading. Many writers experience periods of writer’s block and you may have found yourself in this position as well. This is nothing to be concerned about and you should instead, consider it to be a challenge that will further increase your capabilities as writer. Feel free to consider the following essay prompts to help you compose your masterpiece:

  1. Choose a clever topic
  2. Your choice of topic plays a vital role in your success. When selecting a topic, you should always try to choose one that you will enjoy working with, that way, you are likely to draw motivation from many sources. The information you have available on the topic you choose is also important, always make sure you have access to all the information necessary.

  3. You’ve just attained your life’s dream
  4. A good place to start a story is at the end of another one and what better place to be, than where you want to be. Begin your story where you are in a position of power, or wealth, from here you can take the tale just about anywhere.

  5. Your favorite person becomes a traitor
  6. We all have many friends and people in our lives, for various reasons. A good twist is a betrayal and many authors put this to good dramatic effect. By shaping up your story around the betrayal of a close friend, you can draw from your own experiences to further enrich the plot.

  7. Turns out you always expected it
  8. Show that you have always had suspicions but chose to give your friend the benefit of the doubt, this allows you to tie in past experiences to provide explanations for present circumstances.

  9. You were both in on it and out to catch a liar
  10. In the end, it’s always fun to deceive your readers, the trick is doing it well. By plotting out to story to reach to this eventuality from the start, you can include bits of information that will later reveal, in hindsight, that you were indeed working together all along.

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